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Club Documents

Bynea Vision

This is the clubs vision

Social Media Code of Practice

Information on the code of practice when using all platforms of Social Media

Rules and Regulations

This document outlines the rules and regulations of the club

Covid 19 - Risk Assessment

Risk assessment to be in line with Covid 19

Policy for riders under 18

Policy for young persons under 18 and vulnerable adults

Code of Conduct

Code for cycling and triathlon

Breaches of Code of Conduct

Breaches of the code

Young Persons Social Media Form

Form for Social Media use, Young persons

Incident Report Form Children

Reporting Form for Children

Incident Reporting Form

Form to log any incident

Committee Meetings Information

January 2020 Committee minutes

February 2020 Committee minutes

March 2020 Committee minutes

July 2020 Committee minutes

August 2020 Committee minutes

September 2020 Committee minutes

October 2020 Committee minutes

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