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Pain Cave

'Pain Cave' was given its name after the first week back in October 2014 (yes, it has been going that long) by one of the many people who attended that night - how rude.  It was initially set up just as winter training, but popular demand means it runs throughout the year with a couple of weeks off at Christmas and the Summer.


Pain Cave is a circuit class suitable for all ages (14+) and fitness levels. Anyone attending with an injury is encouraged to adapt the session to ensure they can participate safely.

Each week the session takes on a different format so no risk of boredom and always plenty of surprises! 

Sessions can be own body-weight exercises, kettle bells/dumbbells, boxercise, differing paired exercise sessions; the sessions give an all over body workout, concentrating on core and upper body during the main cycling season. 

Each session has a good warm up to mobilise all the joints, warm up the muscles and gradually raise the heart rate.   

A vital part of Pain Cave, which many of us neglect, is the stretching at the end. All areas of the body have a thorough stretch which helps recovery and reduces the risk of injury. 

Everyone welcome - come along and give it a go.


Venue : Emmanuel Hall, New Dock Rd, Llanelli, SA15 2HH, 7:00PM

Cost :    £3 (for members)


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Pain Cave

Strength and Conditioning is a discipline most people forget to include in their training.  Why not come along to Paincave and strengthen that core.

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