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As the situation with Covid-19 changes daily and numbers effected begin to increase it is now vital that we all understand our role in protecting ourselves, our loved ones and the general public. We all have a responsibility to follow British Cycling guidance which says.. 


'The suspension of all sanctioned cycling activity has been extended until 30 June and during this time we must reiterate – we need to come together to protect the health and well-being of everyone on a bike and those around us.'


These are exceptional times, which means that whenever we go out on our bikes, we must remember our duty to ride responsibly. Following Government advice on social distancing, right now we should only ride on our own, or with people we live with, keeping two metres apart from anyone we meet, and stopping and waiting for people to pass when necessary.  


At the moment riding a bike is a privilege and a great way to aid our physical and mental health, and provided that guidance on social distancing is followed, we urge all cyclists to only ride on routes you know well, that are close to home and that are well within your ability level - this is a time for calm recreation, not for challenging yourself.


Now, more than ever, we must ride our bikes responsibly. We are supporting this to protect ourselves and others, and to make life safer for everyone.


  • Ride alone or with someone you live with

  • Stay close to home

  • Stop or give way if you are getting too close to someone

  • Don't train too hard because it brings down your immunity

  • Keep to familiar roads to minimise the risk of getting into difficulty. 

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