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Duathlon/Triathlon - Transition Training

Day Before Preparation:

  • What to eat and what not to eat - make sure you stick to what you have practised before the day.  Don't try something new!

  • Get your Kit Ready - Lay out your kit the night before, use a list tick off items, take a photo, do a run through

  • Read and familiarise yourself using the race pack - venue, car parks, plan journey, registration, route, feed stations


  • Wetsuit

  • Goggles (two pairs in case one breaks)

  • Bike Shoes/Run Shoes

  • Socks

  • Nutrition

  • Helmet

  • Glasses

  • Race belt with Number

  • Timing Chip

  • Small Towel

  • Spares - Tubes, Pump, Co2 Pump, Leavers

Race Day:

  • Breakfast - Eat at least 2 hours before, don't try anything new!

  • Arriving at the Race Venue - Arrive early if its your first time, know where you are going and where to park

  • Race Pack - Race Numbers for your helmet, bike, race belt, some races have race tattoos.  Know where you need to put them i.e. race belt

Transition Area:

  • Before you enter Transition - Ensure that you have your helmet on and fastened, race number (some events), wristbands (some events), make sure there handle bars ends are plugged and your brakes are in working order as these maybe checked

  • Bike Racking - Some races you have to rack your bike on your race number, if not find an area and ensure you familiarise yourself where you are racked.  Look for something visual i.e. advertising sign, trees etc.

  • Laying out your kit - Ensure you layout your kit in the space provided.  Loosen shoes, Helmet the right way around as in the way you put it on, race belt, nutrition ready

  • Walk through transition - Know where your entry point from the swim is, your exit point for the bike, your entry point for the bike and the run exit


  • Helmet - Make sure your helmet is on and fastened before you unrack your bike.  Do not remove your helmet until your bike is back on the rack in the transition area once the bike leg is finished.

  • Mount/Dismount Line - When you exit transition only attempt to mount your bike after the line.  Leave yourself room.  When you return make sure you dismount before the line.  Slow down and don't break suddenly at the line.

  • Make sure your in the right gear - when your bike is in transition ensure that you have put your bike in an appropriate gear to start, an easier gear to get enough propulsion to get your feet clipped in.

More Tips:

  • Ask a Marshall - they are there to help you if you are unsure of anything

  • Mechanical Issues - Before races try and practice changing a tube and any other minor technical fixes, this will give you confidence if something goes wrong.  On course marshals may be able to help you but check the race rules first.  Do not accept assistance from non competitors it can be classed as outside assistance and you maybe disqualified.

  • Nutrition - Don't try something new on the day, practice as much as you can before the day

  • Take your time - your heart rate will be pumping when you get to transition, don't rush it too much as things can go wrong.  Take your time and make sure you have everything and be comfortable for the race ahead.

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