Club Championship 2020

This year we will run the eight race format with your best four results counting towards your final score.  You must complete any four races to be eligible for the overall Championship Trophies.

Four of these races will be the individual Trophy races.


2020 Trophy Races:


Duathlon – Mumbles Super Sprint – Saturday 21st March 2020

Sprint Distance – Amman Valley Sprint – April 19th 2020

Standard Distance – TATA Steelman – 17th May 2020

Middle Distance – Sospan Sizzler – 21st June 2020


Extra Qualification Races:


Duathlon – Wildflower Duathlon – 15th March 2020

Sprint Distance – Swansea Sprint – 31st May 2020

Standard Distance – Gower Tri – 25th July 2020

Middle Distance – Wales Tri, Fishguard – 31st June 2020

Rules for Qualification:

  1. You must have valid membership at the time of entry of any event and on race day of any event.  Some people had raced events in 2019 when their membership had lapsed.

  2. Club name of any entry must be BYNEA CC (unless club entry is not available on entry)

  3. Representing Bynea CC requires you to wear club kit if have it.  If you do not have club kit then please wear neutral kit (e.g. Zone 3, Huub etc.)

  4. You will not qualify for points if you wear the kit of any other club, team or organisation

  5. BYNEA CC must be your first claim/primary club.  If you are a member of a racing team, a sponsored athlete or primarily a member of another club, you may still have Bynea CC membership but you will be classed as 2nd claim and not eligible for Championship points.