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More About Bynea Cycling Club - Our History

The Bynea Cycling Club was formed on Easter Monday, 1937, by 7 or 8 cycling enthusiasts. Among these were the Wheeler brothers of Bynea, Llanelli, hence the adoption of the name of the Bynea CC.

In the early years these two brothers were a tower of strength to the Club, W. E. Wheeler, the elder, with administration, and D. I. Wheeler, the junior by a number of years, with his Track Racing activities where he was regarded for a number of years as outstanding in short distance events, holding the Welsh 440 yards sprint title at varying times during his career.

However, W.E. Wheeler was content in the early days to put the Club on a sound footing, with the formation of Rules etc, without which the Club can function efficiently. With all this administration W.E. Wheeler found time to include in Road Racing and Track Racing and even today his total of 42 points in a Season, based solely on Open Track events, on the basis of 3 points ..1st place, 2 points ..2nd place, and 1 point ..3rd place has not been surpassed by any member of the Club. This total of 42 points was set up in 1942.

Prior to the 1939/1945 War, the Club was gaining in strength numerically whilst it's activities increased season by season. However from 1939, a steady drain of Club members took place, one of the first to volunteer for Service with the R.A.F. was D. A. Jones, Club Captain in 1939 and also Treasurer of the Club during that year.

During the War years the Club Trophies were held in abeyance with very little sporting activity going on. However the members left behind were not inactive in their efforts to keep the Club on a sound basis by organising various raffles etc. which meant that in 1945 the Club had a reasonable credit balance. The main thanks for these activities must go to Mr & Mrs. W. J. Jenkins, of Dafen, Llanelli, who were valued members of the Club for many years. Commonly called "W.J." by his associates, W. J. Jenkins has now, unfortunately for the Club, ceased to be an active members, but retaining Life Membership of the Club and is also a Vice President. "W.J." also did excellent National administration in the Cycling World, being a member of the RTTC appeal panel and was also a delegate for South Wales to the RTTC (Road Time Trials Council). By the way his interests have now turned to Dog Breeding and he is an expert Judge in his field.

With the coming of 1946 the Club was very strong in members, with a peak period in 1951 of 150 fully paid up members. Touring and Sporting activity during this period was very prominent and an outstanding Time Trialist-Denzil Berrell was a great find in the Club. He ranked with the best in South Wales and was surely destined for further honors when an unfortunate accident resulted in sever injuries to the head which put an end to his cycling activities. Resulting from the accident substantial damages were obtained by the National Cycling Union for Denzil.

However, this loss to the Club of it's leading Time Triallists was a great incentive to other riders and the challenge was taken up by notably three riders-D.R. John, D.W. Lloyd and D. Cottrell.

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